Headquarters Progress

Construction has moved along fast and furious since the groundbreaking in May. From the foundation and footings to the pouring of concrete and placement of steel, the headquarters building is taking shape.

Footings and Foundation

The concrete footings and foundation walls of the lower level parking garage were completed in August. This foundation is a vital part of the building process and works to:

  • bear and distribute the weight of the building
  • anchor the building against nature’s forces (water and frost locally)
  • provide a watertight separation from the neighboring soil

The overall footprint of the building is now established and all four stories that follow will be molded around this foundation.

Steel Erection

At the beginning of September, the first steel delivery arrived on site and the process of setting the steel structure of the building commenced. Prior to delivery, the steel was cut to length and prepped at PVS Structures located in Carter Lake, Iowa,

The 115,000 square foot building boasts some impressive numbers.

  • 725 tons – fabricated structural steel
  • 1,910 – number of parts
  • 12,062 lbs. – heaviest steel piece
  • 8 lbs. – lightest steel piece
  • 9,300 – man hours to fabricate