We are happy to introduce you to Jamie Wagner, our new guest blogger. She is an accomplished economics and financial literacy expert who will share her knowledge and experience through monthly blogs. See below for her full bio.

Dr. Jamie Wagner received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Nebraska Lincoln in 2015 and is a faculty member in the economics department at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO). She also directs the Center for Economic Education working with pre-service and K-12 teachers in the Omaha area. Jamie is originally from Aurora, Colorado but moved to Nebraska to attend Hastings College on a track and field scholarship and majored in math and economics.

At UNO, Jamie focuses her research on economic education, economic pedagogy and financial literacy. Her research has been published in the Journal for Economic Education, Journal of Consumer Affairs and Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning among other journals. Jamie also teaches undergraduate economics courses and directs the Center for Economic Education.

The UNO Center is affiliated nationally with the Council on Economic Education and with the Nebraska Council on Economic Education. Through the Center, Jamie hosts workshops for K-12 and pre-service teachers to demonstrate new and engaging ways to teach economics and personal finance concepts in their classrooms. The Center also hosts and co-hosts many student events including the Omaha Regional Finance Challenge, Economics Challenge, Econ and Accounting Day and the UNO High School Business Competition. She is a dynamic speaker who demonstrates economic and financial literacy concepts through interactive activities including simulations, discussions and games.

Jamie is passionate about the Omaha community and serves on several advisory boards including the Nebraska State Council for the Social Studies, Omaha Public Schools Academy of Finance and Benson’s High School of Business Academy. She also speaks with many community groups about economics and personal finance. Because of her passion for Omaha, she was named as one of Midland’s Business Journals Top 40 under 40 in 2017.

Outside of work Jamie and her husband, Colin, enjoy the outdoors and like to run, bike, paddleboard, kayak and hike. Together Jamie and Colin have a daughter, Vella, who will be 2 in October and a puggle named Rodgers.

Feel free to connect and follow Jamie on Twitter and Instagram (@ProfJWags) and through LinkedIn.