Be Aware of Active Online Banking Scam

Feb 26, 2019 | Security and Fraud

Active Online Banking Phone Scam

As a financial institution, it is our job to educate you about fraud to ensure you don’t become a victim. Unfortunately, we have received notice that fraudsters are posing as Centris employees, spoofing our phone number and calling members asking to review recent debit card transactions. These fraudsters are asking for online banking usernames, passwords and secure access codes.

We Will Never Call You

We will never call you and ask for your account access information. If you did share your personal information recently over the phone, please contact us immediately at (402) 334-7000.

Transaction Verification

There are times you may receive a call from our transaction review department wanting to verify your credit and/or debit transactions. However, you will never be asked to give out any personal identifying information such as a username and password. You will only be asked if you made a purchase for a certain amount at a specific store.

If you have any questions, call us at (402) 334-7000.