Save wisely with certificates

Our certificates have flexible terms plus you can choose from a variety of certificate types. Make your savings work harder with a certificate from Centris Federal Credit Union.


Certificates offer higher dividends on your investment and are available with maturity dates of six months to five years. Each certificate has a seven-day grace period for withdrawals during its renewal period and certificates are federally insured. All you need is $500 to get started. Click here for current rates.

Jumbo Certificates

Looking for an even higher rate? Get market competitive certificate rates available when you open a Jumbo Certificate with a $90,000 minimum deposit. Click here for current rates.

Step-Up Certificates

Think rates may be headed up? Our Step-Up Certificates are the perfect fit for you because they allow you to move up to a higher rate once during the term of your certificate. A $500 minimum deposit is required to establish these certificates. Now that’s smart money management. Click here for current rates.

Add-On Certificates

Start saving today with an Add-On Certificate at Centris. You only need $100 to open this account that allows you to make unlimited deposits, in any amount, for the 12-month term of the certificate. Convenient additional deposits can be made in the branch, online, with mobile banking or automatic transfers. Click here for current rates.

Save to Win!

Open a Save to Win Certificate and get your chance to win. You only need $25 to open this account that allows you to make unlimited deposits, in any amount, for the 12-month term of the certificate. For every $25 deposit you make during a month (up to 10) you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a cash prize! Click here for current rates.


A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. Official account & prize entry rules & complete list of prizes that are available at Void where prohibited by law. Inquire at Centris for complete terms & conditions. Click here for official rules.