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Behind every great institution there’s a team that guides it toward its goals. At Centris Federal Credit Union it’s our Credit Union Board of Directors and our Strategic Leadership Team. These individuals set the stage for continued growth and outstanding member service at Centris Federal Credit Union.

Our Strategic Leadership Team is committed to finding new ways to serve our members and making sure our current offerings meet everyone’s needs. Directing the company, our Strategic Leadership Team is securing the future for Centris and its members, with carefully crafted priorities and reliable business insight.

Steve Swanstrom Photo

Steve Swanstrom
President, Chief Executive Officer

Tom Huston Photo

Tom Huston
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Sean Heyen Photo

Sean Heyen
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Ann Helm Photo

Ann Helm
Executive Vice President, Retail and Administration

Jeff Shapiro Photo

Jeff Shapiro
Executive Vice President, Lending

Rick Pratt Photo

Rick Pratt
Executive Vice President, Credit and Risk

Steve Edgerton Photo

Steve Edgerton
Vice President, Corporate Operations

Penny Rollins Photo

Penny Rollins
Vice President, Accounting

Ralph Kellogg Photo

Ralph Kellogg
Vice President, Human Resources

Phil Swift Photo

Phil Swift
Vice President, Technology Services

Dawn Gonzales Photo

Dawn Gonzales
Vice President, Community Development

Carol Danigole Photo

Carol Danigole
Vice President, Corporate Planning, PMO

Donna Naimoli Photo

Donna Naimoli
Senior Executive Assistant

Each of our Credit Union Board of Directors is committed to making Centris the best possible credit union for our members.

Board Photo

Our Credit Union Board of Directors, pictured above, includes (back row) Joe Sacco, chair; Paul Elofson, secretary; Matt Dannehl, director; Tom Beiriger, director; (front row) Linda Aust, treasurer; Denise Hill, first vice chair; and Veronika Pinkerton, second vice chair.

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