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OnSpot Financing keeps life simple

Sometimes you need financing now, when you least expect it. That’s when OnSpot Financing, provided by Centris Federal Credit Union, can give you the flexibility to get credit when and where you need it.

OnSpot Financing provides credit at doctor and dentist offices as well as local participating merchants quickly and easily. It’s one more financial tool Centris has ready and waiting for you.

All loans subject to approval.

Offer OnSpot Financing to Your Customers

If you are a local doctor, dentist or business with customers who need financing, it’s easy to offer this convenient service to them. If you are a participating merchant, the tablet‐friendly design lets you submit loan applications quickly to Centris for your customers at point of sale. This will ensure that you’re helping more people and closing more sales than ever before! OnSpot Financing offers an easy‐to‐use web‐based portal that requires no software installation on your part. OnSpot is easy, quick and convenient for you and your customers.

Questions About OnSpot Financing?

Contact Tracy Larson at or call (402) 758‐6073 for more information on becoming an OnSpot Financing provider. Click here if you are ready to enroll as a provider.

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