Competitive loan rates when you need them

Use your good credit to your advantage with a personal loan from Centris. Whether you are looking to consolidate high-interest bills to one convenient payment, build your credit history or fund a special purchase, Centris has the loan option with competitive rates to fit your needs. All loans subject to approval.


Pledge Secured Loans

As a trusted lifelong financial partner, we’re committed to helping our members make the most of their finances. A deposit secured loan is a great way to build credit history, one of the most influential pieces of your financial security.

What is a deposit secured loan?
It’s a secured loan that uses your savings as collateral.

How does it work?
You pledge a portion of your savings or a certificate to Centris. The pledged amount remains in your account but is inaccessible. We give you liquid funds for the amount you pledge.

Why would I want a deposit secured loan?

  • It’s a great way to begin building or rebuilding your credit.
  • They’re convenient and offer low interest rates.
  • Your savings account stays intact while you have the ability to make a major purchase.

Want more information?
Stop by or call today and let one of our experienced service representatives help you.

Unsecured Personal Loans

A personal loan for bill consolidation makes good financial sense. You can save both money and time by consolidating all your higher interest bills into one convenient payment with a bill consolidation loan from Centris. Want to save even more time? Have your payment automatically deducted from your checking account and you’ll never have to worry about paying that bill on time again. Use an unsecured personal loan and consolidate today.


Lines of Credit

Having a personal line of credit ready and waiting for whatever happens in life is always a great idea. Have unexpected car repairs? A special purchase you couldn’t pass up? A simple math error in the checkbook? No matter what the situation, our personal lines of credit offer you ready cash when you need it.

As a qualified member, you can enjoy the freedom of writing your own loan from this unsecured personal line of credit that’s attached to your checking account. If your checking account should happen to go into overdraft, the available amount of your credit line is automatically deposited in your account and the check is covered.

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All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change.