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When it comes to your financial well-being, that question is our chief concern. That’s why our exceptional member care along with our wealth of products and services is the answer. Whether you’re looking to save or invest your money, to borrow for something special, or to invest for and insure your home and family, we always do our best to get you what you need. The security of knowing you are banking with Centris is all simply part of the bargain.

When you become a Centris member you join over 79,000 others enjoying the benefits of a Nebraska Credit Union – One that gives you a voice and an opportunity to improve both your finances and your community.


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Our savings, certificates and IRAs are designed with one thing in mind: to make your money EARN its keep.

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Home, there certainly is no place like it. Whether it’s your first home or dream home, we’re here to assist you in getting it and keeping it. At Centris, you know people you can trust. That’s one thing that makes a credit union mortgage special. We provide the care, knowledge and experience to find a mortgage loan that’s in your best interest and in your budget. And we’ve got it all right here – fixed rates, adjustable rates, balloon loans and low money down percentages – as little as 3.0%. Fixed rate mortgages Adjustable rate mortgages First time home buyer program As little as 3.0% down Starting the home buying process? Check out our FYI video now.

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Home Equity Loans Tap into the value of your home! With our flexible rates and repayment terms you can save thousands of dollars by financing large purchases using the equity you’ve built in your home. Use our low-rate loans to: Renovate Purchase property Pay for education Purchase other assets, such as a car or a boat Loans are available for up to 100% of the appraised value of your home, with terms ranging from one to ten years. Check out our great rates or contact us at (402) 334-7000 Option “0” or (800) 334-2328 Option “0” to begin your application over the phone.
Access Your Money – Anywhere, anytime! Just make the call. This automated phone system gives you the freedom and security to access your money anywhere, at anytime – 24/7. Stop in or call Account Services (800-334-2328 or 402-334-7000) and get signed up today! When you use Accessline, the protection of your personal finances is our priority. That’s why we use Personalized Authorization codes to prevent anyone from accessing your account without approval.
You work hard for what you’ve achieved – your home, your car, your possessions. And, we know that you want a worry-free insurance that helps you protect what you’ve worked so hard to acquire. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best, Personal Insurance with TruStage‚TM
Know the Power of a penny saved! One of the best lessons children can learn is that it’s never too soon to start saving! That’s why Centris is committed to the financial education of our youngest members. With Rafferty Club, CU Succeed and College Corner kids and teens get a head start in building a lifetime of financial security and success.

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What people are saying

The employees at Centris are the best reason to stop by the branch. They all do their your job so well and really help me understand what is happening with my accounts. 
Jane Doe, Member
I have been extremely pleased banking with Centris Federal Credit Union. Everyone from the tellers to the branch manager are always going out of their way to show their appreciation. The rates and financing options are second-to-none and the personal service I have received from my loan officer is like nothing I have ever received before at any other bank.
John Doe, Member