Savings Accounts with Competitive Rates

iconIt’s a fact – having money in savings is a smart financial move. We pride ourselves on helping our members, neighbors and friends make wise use of their money.

We consistently offer our members competitive rates that are compounded daily and based on current market rates. Simply choose the savings account that is right for you and get a start on your personal savings with the convenience of payroll deduction.

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Pick the Best Account for You

Are you looking for an account that will help you establish great savings habits?

icon Regular Savings Account

Challenge yourself to create great savings habits for a lifetime. With a deposit of $5, you can open your account and continue to make deposits whether it’s a specific goal or an emergency fund.

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To earn a higher rate and daily compounded dividends, will you keep at least $10,000 or more in your account?

icon Market Rate Savings

Receive higher rates and daily dividends on your savings. With a Market Rate savings account, you’ll receive dividends compounded daily based on current market rates. Earn even higher dividends with balances of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and more.

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Will you keep a minimum of $25,000 in your account and need free money orders or cashier’s checks?

icon Investors Plus Money Market

Make your money work harder with higher rates and dividends that are compounded daily and paid monthly. Plus, there are no service fees* when you have an average daily balance of $25,000 or more.

Investors Plus also offers free:

  • Money orders
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Investor’s Plus checks for easy account access

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$25.00 monthly fee if average daily balance falls below $25,000.00.

Do you have a special occasion or purchase coming up that you need to save for?

icon You-Name-It Club

Wedding bells in your future? Big vacation planned next year? Want your car or house down payment money stashed away from your regular funds? This personal savings account was designed for those special events in your life that require cash.

With the You-Name-It Club account, you decide when the funds will be available. Simply choose the month and year that you will need the funds to have the account mature. Then at the end of the selected month, your money will be automatically deposited into any savings or checking account that you choose (and the choice is yours up until the day before payout).

The You-Name-It Club account pays a higher dividend rate than general savings accounts so you can earn more along the way to that important goal.

Have questions about our You-Name-It Club account? Fill out this short form and a representative will contact you shortly.