Financial Education

A community thrives when we all work together to help each other, ensure needs are met and create opportunities for growth. Through various partnerships and programs, Centris invests in our community’s financial wellness. Whether you’re a teenager starting to learn about real world expenses, a college student realizing the importance of budgeting and credit or an adult trying to make the best financial choices for your family, our priority is your progress.

Community Commitment

Centris partners with the Financial Hope Collaborative and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation to teach single moms and young adults emerging from foster care how to make sound financial decisions. At Centris, we’ve seen first-hand the powerful impact financial stability creates within families.

Together, let’s grow strong.»

Mad City Money

The real world of bills, saving and debt can be daunting, but through a hands-on budget simulation called Mad City Money, Centris takes a stressful topic and turns it into a fun learning experience. In the role of an adult with a full-time job and a family, youth learn to distinguish the difference between wants and needs and the importance of managing a monthly budget.

Together, let’s set youth up for success. »

Financial Wellness

It’s easy to be overwhelmed with information when taking out a loan or saving for your future. That’s why we created the Centris Financial Wellness Center. The center offers free online courses covering a wide array of important financial topics. Whether it’s a refresher on creating a savings plan or a step-by-step tutorial on loans, we’re ready to assist.

Together, let’s expand our financial knowledge.»

This is Adulting

We partnered with our friends, Twitty and Chef West, from Power 106.9 FM and hit the streets to see what college students really know about credit, savings, retirement, budgeting and all things money. Would you go to jail for a week if it meant $10,000 worth of your debt would be paid off? This is Adulting: Are You Game?

Together, let’s adult. »