Personal Loans for Your Wants and Needs

iconUse your good credit to your advantage with a personal loan. Whether you are looking to consolidate high-interest debt into one convenient payment, build your credit history or fund a special purchase, a personal loan is a great solution. We offer a wide range of loan options to fit your needs.

Unsecured Personal Loans

An unsecured personal loan gives you the freedom to pay for unexpected expenses and new purchases or consolidate high-interest debt without collateral. Payments can automatically be deducted from your paycheck; taking the hassle out of bill paying. Plus, with good credit history you can enjoy a very competitive interest rate.

Pledge Secured Loans

A pledge secured loan is backed by money in your savings account and offers a great way to build credit history – one of the most influential pieces of your financial security. Simply pledge a portion of your savings or a certificate to Centris. The pledged amount remains in your account but is inaccessible. We give you liquid funds for the amount you pledge at a low interest rate.

Rates may vary based on individual creditworthiness and term of loan. Subject to credit approval. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Inquire at Centris for complete terms and conditions at (800) 334-2328.