Pause Your Payment

Skip a Monthly Payment

If you need extra cash or just need a month off, you can request to Skip-A-Payment!* Delay your payment by one month and use the cash for other expenses.

The process is simple and fast!

  • Call or stop by your nearest branch location
  • Ask to enroll in Skip-A-Payment* (A $35 processing fee will apply.)
  • If approved, work with a Centris member services representative to
    complete the necessary paperwork electronically

To see if you qualify, stop by your nearest Centris branch location or give us a call to get started at (402) 334-7000.

Certain payments are not eligible for this program including first real estate mortgage loans, commercial loans, home equity lines of credit, home equity fixed-term loans, lines of credit and indirect loans approved with lenders’ protection. If these restrictions apply to you, please contact a member services representative for alternative options to Skip-A-Payment.
*To qualify for this offer, your account must be in current standing. You must have had a payment posted in the last 60 days that advanced the payment due date. One skip payment per loan is allowed per calendar year. The account may not have Collateral Protection Insurance enforced. The processing fee of $35 applies to all skip payments. Fee subject to change. You must specify at the time of the application the account the fee will be withdrawn from. Please contact a member services representative to arrange payment. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Inquire at Centris for complete terms and conditions at (800) 334-2328. Under this agreement, you agree to defer one monthly payment under Skip-A-Payment. Understand the interest (finance charge) will continue to accrue on the principal balance during the skip period, which may result in additional payments, and payment will resume the following month and continue until the total amount has been repaid. You authorize Centris to withdraw the $35 fee as arranged with the Centris member services representative.