Mobile Deposit FAQs

What is Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a service that is included in your mobile banking application, which allows you to take images of checks and deposit them directly to your Centris account.

How do I know if I am eligible for Mobile Deposit?

All members who are in good standing with Centris Federal Credit Union are eligible for the service. If you are not eligible, the menu option will not be available on your mobile app.

How do I make a deposit using Mobile Deposit?

  1. Properly endorse the back of the check.
    • Sign the check.
    • Write “For Centris mobile deposit only” under your signature.
  2. Login to the Centris mobile app.
  3. Select Mobile Deposit from the menu.
  4. Select the appropriate savings or checking account that you wish to deposit the check.
  5. Enter the amount of the check.
  6. Capture a photo of the front of the check.
  7. Capture a photo of the back of the check.
  8. Submit: “Check deposited successfully” will display.

When will the mobile deposit be credited to my account?

Deposits will generally be available within 15 minutes, 7 days a week. Please be aware, there may be instances where the deposit will require additional review. If additional review is required, here is when you can expect to see the deposit in your account:

  • Deposits made before 4:30pm M-F will generally be available the same day.
  • Deposits made after 4:30pm M-F will generally be available the next business day by 11am.
  • Deposits made after 4:30pm Friday through Sunday will generally be available Monday at 11am.

Please note, in certain situations, an extended hold will be applied to your check. If a hold is applied to your check , those funds are reflected in your account but are not immediately available for use. Common reasons include:

  • Large deposit amount
  • Frequent overdrafts
  • Suspected fraud
  • Indications a deposited check may not be paid

If an extended hold is applied, you’ll receive an email after the check is reviewed. You’ll know that your deposit is available once that amount is reflected in the available balance of the account you selected to receive the deposit.

Are there any limits to the quantity of checks or the dollar amount of checks deposited?

You are able to deposit up to $5,000.00 per check. There is not a limit on the quantity of checks that you are allowed to deposit.

How long must I keep the original check once I deposit it through mobile deposit?

We recommend that you keep the check for at least 30 business days after you successfully deposit the check through Mobile Deposit.

Is it safe to use this service?

Yes, Mobile Deposit is safe and secure. It is part of our mobile banking application, which requires unique login credentials to access. If we detect that you are accessing your account from an unregistered device, we use multifactor authentication to verify your identity before allowing you to access your account. Once the check image has been submitted, that image is retained within safe and secure channels for processing.

What happens if I lose my phone?

It’s unlikely that anyone will be able to access your account unless they know your username and password, although we do recommend that you change your password to be safe. Remember to keep your account information confidential and choose a unique username and password for your Centris accounts. Do not be tempted to reuse a login and password from another online account. Even if you have complicated, hard-to-guess passwords, it is a best practice to change them regularly. This is especially important for sites where the loss would be personally and/or financially devastating.

Is there a fee to use Mobile Deposit?

Mobile Deposit is a free service for members. However, mobile carrier fees may apply.

What devices can I use to deposit checks?

Mobile Deposits are available with the Centris mobile app using Android smartphones and Apple devices with rear-facing cameras.

What types of accounts accept Mobile Deposits?

Mobile Deposits can be made to your savings, checking, or money market account.

What types of checks are not eligible for mobile deposit?

Example of checks not eligible for Mobile Deposit:

  • Bonds
  • Travelers Checks
  • Checks payable to anyone other than you or joint owners of the account
  • Replacement checks or checks that have been previously returned NSF
  • Altered checks
  • Checks that require verification or an access code to negotiate

How do I view my Mobile Deposit history?

  1. Login to Centris online banking or mobile app.
  2. Select Online Activity from the menu.
  3. Select the Mobile Deposit
  4. A listing and status of your scanned mobile deposits will be displayed.

If I have questions or encounter a problem, where can I go to receive help?

During business hours, you may contact us at 402-334-7000 or email us at

What are some tips for taking a good photo of my check?

  • Before taking a picture of the check, review the check to ensure all check information is clearly visible on the check in dark ink: amount, payee, signature of the check issuer, date, check number, MICR line, routing, and transit numbers.
  • Smooth out the check so that it is free of wrinkles or curved-up edges
  • Place check on a dark flat surface
  • Hold the phone directly over the check – this will avoid blurred areas common with photos taken at an angle
  • Take the photo in a well-lit area, preferably without the use of flash

Can I make loan payments using Mobile Check Deposit?

While you cannot apply a check deposited through a mobile device directly to a loan, you can use Centris online or mobile banking to transfer available funds to the loan once the check has been posted to your checking or savings account.