Online Banking FAQs


How do I update my language preference?

From the main menu go to Settings, Language, and select Spanish from the drop down to set your language preference. If you are on the Spanish setting, look for ‘Configuracion’ and select ‘Idioma’.

Online Activity

Where can I see scheduled and recurring online transfers?

Within the Online Activity section you can find ‘Single’ and ‘Recurring’ transaction. On the ‘Recurring Transactions’ tab, you will see any recurring transfer set up, along with the next date scheduled to process, amount, and accounts. On the ‘Single Transactions’ tab you can see each transaction that has occurred within online banking, which can include recurring transactions that have posted. You can edit and delete both the recurring series and single transfers that have not yet occurred. All one-time transfers can be found in the ‘Single Transactions’ tab.

Transfers are set up in the Transfers Tab – Fund Transfers

Setting the frequency will determine if this is a single transfer or recurring transfer. You can edit any transaction or series as long as it is not in a processed status.

How can I find the status of my mobile deposit?

Online activity displays all transactional activity that has taken place within mobile banking, along with mobile deposits on the ‘Mobile Deposit’ tab.

To see the status of your mobile deposit, take a look at the Status of that deposit, which will show one of the following:

  • Submission – check was submitted for review
  • Accepted – funds deposited or funds on hold, you will receive an email if your funds are on hold.
  • Rejected – funds are not deposited. Click on the deposit to view the reject reason located in the description section. You will also receive an email stating the reject reason.

Financial Tools (PFM)

What is Financial Tools

  • Allows you to budget and manage your finances by aggregating all of your accounts across multiple financial institutions so you can see balances and transactions all in one place, on any device.
  • To link an account click the purple ‘Link Account’ button. Search for the financial institutions name or URL. Click on the financial institution you want to link and enter your credentials. You can also add a manual account if you are unable to link that financial institution.

    • Linked accounts are only available for viewing and do not have the ability to be transferred to or from.
  • To unlink an account, from the Accounts page, click on the account tile you wish to unlink. Then, click on the Details & Settings and “Unlink all xx Bank accounts.”

Bill pay

I’m receiving an error in bill pay. How can I get enrolled?

Error message: Enrollment Failed.

Ensure you have a valid email address on your account, which can be updated in Settings—Update Contact Information.

If you have a valid email address, or receive a different error message, contact centris at 402-334-7000, select language, option 2 Account inquiries, and option 3 for Bill Pay. Available Monday-Friday 8:30am – 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm.

How do I add in a new Centris account to my active bill pay?

Contact Centris at 402-334-7000, select language, option 2 Account Inquiries, and option 3 Bill Pay. Available Monday-Friday 8:30am- 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am- 1:00pm.

External Transfers

I want to deposit money in my Centris account from another financial. How can I do this?

From the Transfers menu select ‘Add External Account’. You must be an owner on the account you are adding and have access to the transaction history of that account.

After 2-3 business days, you should see the two micro-deposit amounts in your external account history. Select ‘Verify External Account’ from the transfers menu to verify those two amounts. Once that is complete, you should see this newly added external account in your transfer drop down boxes to transfer money in or out of the external account.


Member Transfers

How can I send money to another member of Centris?

From the Transfer menu select ‘Member Transfers’. You can choose to make a single transfer to another member or link another member’s account (for deposit purposes only) to your online login. If you plan to make more than one transfer to the other member, or if you need to create a recurring or future-dated transfer, linking the account is required. When you select the option to link the other member’s account to your login, it will place that account number in the drop-down menu in the funds transfer option.

In order to send money to another member, you will need to know their account number, share ID, account type, and first 3 letters of their last name. If you receive an error, it is likely this information was entered incorrectly on the member transfer form. Please ask that member to confirm their information with you.

What is ‘Link an account’ under Member transfers?

You can link another Centris member’s account to your online login so you can quickly transfer money to their account. Once linked, you will see that member’s account in the ‘Transfer to’ drop down box.

NOTE: This feature is not to add in accounts where you are an owner. If you are not seeing accounts you believe you should have access to, you can check your Account Preferences under settings to see if your account was hidden. Otherwise, you may call Centris at 402-334-7000 for additional assistance.

I linked another member’s account, how do I remove them so I no longer see them in the transfer to drop down?

Contact Centris at 402-334-7000, select language, option 2 Account Inquiries, and option 3 Online Banking. Available Monday-Friday 8:30am- 6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am- 1:00pm.

Credit Card

I have a Centris credit card, how do I see my card activity or pay that bill?

From your online banking menu, select ‘Credit Cards’. If you have not yet enrolled, select the enroll tab. If you need assistance with logging in or enrolling, click the ‘Contact Us’ tab for cardmember service.

Once you have a login for the credit card site, you can also link this to your online banking to see the balance and transactions.

*Note: To set up payments, make a single payment, or access your credit card e-statements, log directly into the credit card site.


Where do I view my Estatements?

From the Services menu, select ‘View eDocuments’. If you have not yet enrolled in eStatements, navigate to the Settings menu and select eDocument Preferences to enroll.

If you have more than one account available to view eStatements. You will select the account, click submit, select the month and click submit again to pull that statement up.

I can’t see my statements

  • Only the primary account holder can enroll and view eStatements. You can contact Centris if you are not sure who the primary account holder is for your account.
  • eStatements are made available by the fifth business day of each month.  If you are signed up for eStatements you will receive an email to the email address on file that your statements are available for your viewing. 


How do I set up my Centris app on my Apple Watch?

  1. Log into your iOS Centris app, and access Apple Watch from the Main Menu, under Settings, to enable the feature:
  2. View Account balances for your first 10 accounts. You can re-order the display from the Account page in your Centris app or mobile banking browser.
  3. View the most recent 10 transactions for first 10 accounts via the Apple Watch
  4. Push Notifications will display on your Apple Watch if you set your Alert notifications to Push Notifications.


To set up Alerts, you will go to Services- Alerts +New Alerts

You can choose the method you would like to get the alert:

  • Email
  • Voice
  • SMS text message
  • Push Notification
  • Secure Message Only, in your online banking

Four types of alerts you can set:

  • History Alerts-
    • Debit transactions, credit transactions, check numbers, descriptions, in amounts more than, less than, exactly for a given account.
  • Online Transaction Alerts-
    • Check reorder, external transfer, funds transfer, or stop payments in a status of authorized, cancelled, drafted, failed, or processed for all accounts in a given online banking.
  • Account Alerts-
    • Funds available in a given account more than, less than, or exactly equal to a set amount.
  • Security Alerts- allow the member to be notified of certain activities regarding the security of their online banking. Some alerts are static and cannot be turned off; however the member can edit the delivery preference of these security alerts by clicking Edit Delivery Preference.

Intuit – Quicken or Quickbooks

I’m receiving errors with Quicken or Quickbooks. How can I resolve this?

First, ensure you are not locked out of your online banking. Try logging into your Centris app or website.

Not locked out? Try re-entering your login and password to the intuit product to ensure you have not entered the incorrect information.

Still experiencing issues or receiving a specific error? Take a look at these top Quicken and Quickbooks help documents.


Set up bank accounts

Update Financial Institution Directory

Remove duplicate transactions

Fix OL and OLSU Bank Feeds errors – Desktop


Refresh Financial Institution information

Connectivity Troubleshooting

Web Connect Troubleshooting

Error when using online services (OL-295, OL-296, OL-297, Unable to establish an internet connection)

I need to pull logs to submit to Centris and/or Intuit. How do I do this?

Log files are sometimes requested by online banking or Intuit providers for a deeper look into what may be causing your particular issue or error.

Take a look at this intuit resource for directions on collecting log files: