Educating our youngest members

It’s never too soon to start teaching your kids the importance of savings and financial fitness. That’s why Centris has created the Rafferty Club for your younger children and the CU Succeed program for the teens in your life. Give them a head start in building a lifetime of financial security and success with financial know-how from Centris.

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Rafferty Club – Kids love it!

If you have children 12 years old or younger, the Rafferty Club is the perfect place for you to get them started. Kids love Rafferty, a very smart bear, and Rafferty loves to help kids learn lots of fun ways to save their money. In fact, Rafferty loves to host events and make special appearances, giving you a chance to bring in the kids and get them on the right track for savings in a fun and inspirational environment.

All your child needs to open a Rafferty account is his or her own social security number. Contact us today to learn more or get started.


CU Succeed – Bank accounts for teens

It’s a fact: Teens who know how to manage money before they move out of your house stand a better chance of succeeding financially in life. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to open accounts for your teens and get them on the right path. CU Succeed offers teen checking and savings accounts, and they can even take out a loan.

CU Succeed will engage your 13 to 17-year-old teens with activities created just for them

  • Centris hosts a sweet site that includes tools, calculators and games to engage the teenage crowd where they live – online.
  • CU Succeed members receive a quarterly newsletter with money-saving tips and financial information, including articles written by other teens. Your teenager, and his or her school, can get paid up to $150 for articles.


Visit Centris’ CU Succeed site now to check out our interactive financial calculators, teen-written articles and more to start them down the right path early. Contact us today to open your teen’s account.