Community Commitment

Through the largest monetary gift to the community to date, our donation to Creighton University’s Financial Hope Collaborative and Nebraska Children and Families Foundation helps assist, educate and prepare Nebraska’s most vulnerable populations as they strive for financial independence. Our contribution to these great organizations provides a significant impact in changing people’s lives by teaching them the skills for financial stability.

Creighton University’s Financial Hope Collaborative

The Financial Success Program funds financial education and coaching for single mothers in the Omaha metro area. These women participate in a study that works to establish a link between financial stability and improved health outcomes. Previous outcomes from the Financial Success Program include: higher incomes based on increased education levels; reduced demand for social service programs; improved credit scores leading to safer housing and better jobs; and diminished school mobility as children get to stay in their schools due to reductions in utility shut-off notices and evictions.

Tracey’s Story

As a 2013 graduate of the Financial Success Program, Tracey has walked a mile in their shoes. Now as the program supervisor, she gives single moms the permission they need to ask for help. She is acutely aware of how demoralizing it feels to not be able to make ends meet year after year. Watch Tracey’s story about how the power of being proactive is life changing.

LeClara’s Story

LeClara had a good childhood while watching her mother persevere on a teacher’s income. As an adult and single mother, she knew there was always more she could learn about financial matters. Through the Financial Success Program, she felt heard and understood. Watch LeClara’s story about how she’s working to define her five-year goals.

Nebraska Children and Families Foundation

The foundation helps fund the Opportunity Passport initiative in greater Nebraska. Opportunity Passport provides financial literacy support to Nebraska’s youth population aging out of foster care and transitioning rapidly into adult roles. Since its inception, Opportunity Passport has assisted 990 young people with savings incentives and access to financial education resources.

River’s Story

River grew up bouncing around from foster home to foster home and became pregnant as a teenager. After getting in a car accident, she fell into debt but then heard about Opportunity Passport. While working with her mentor, she was able to pay off her debt, buy a new car and be a positive example for her children. Watch River’s story about how she learned to take control of her finances while gaining confidence.

Jesse’s Story

Jesse grew up in an abusive household and subsequently ended up in foster care. After aging out of the system, he didn’t know much about how to manage his money. Through the support of his fiancé and Opportunity Passport, he put in the work, set goals and saved money to buy a van. Watch Jesse’s story about how he made a life for himself and his family.