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How to Protect Minors from Being Scammed Online

Today’s youth have grown up surrounded by computers, smartphones, the internet and social media. It’s no surprise they are internet and tech savvy and have a lot of confidence navigating online. Along with their tech knowledge, young kids and teens may also be more inexperienced and more trusting of others, which can leave them vulnerable to online scammers.

To help protect minors and young adults, we’ve put together a list of common scams to look out for, how to avoid being scammed and what parents/guardians can do to help keep our younger generation safe.

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Ash Goodsell, fraud analyst at Centris Federal Credit Union, talks about what to look out for when it comes to scams and fraudsters, and provides great information on what all of us can do to protect ourselves and loved ones on the Centris podcast, A Penny or Two For Your Thoughts.

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