As your Centris fraud analysts, we want to keep you informed and focused on what’s happening in the world of fraud to help keep our members and their families safe.

Centris Updates

Keeping you informed.

A new procedure has been released to show that there are new interactions for ATM deposits and Remote Mobile Deposits (RMD) that have been accepted with a hold or have been rejected. Payments will now be entering this information into an interaction for everyone to easily have access to. Be sure to check out the full updated procedure for all the details.

ATM Deposit and RMD (Remote Mobile Deposit) Updates Starting June 6th (

Be On the Look Out

What's trending in fraud?

Fraud Analysts are starting to see our members being targeted for scams that are getting the member to cash out their certificates early and take the full amount in cash. 

What to look for:

  • Member is on the phone during transaction or gets on their phone right away once transaction is complete.
  • Member normally does not cash out certificates before maturity date when looking at the account history.
  • Member does not care how much the fees are, they just want the cash.
  • Member is vague on what they are needing the funds for, or the reason doesn’t make sense.
  • Notes from SRM fraud noting previous abnormal behavior are present at the account or person level.

Next Steps:

  • Ask additional direct, open-ended questions to determine the purpose of the activity and if it makes sense for the member.
  • Empathize with the member. Showing empathy can help the dialogue with the member that Centris is their trusted financial and we are looking to protect them and their funds.
  • If member is on the phone, ask who they are talking to or if they were directed to stay on the phone.
  • Ask a manager or SRM Fraud Analyst for assistance. This can be another line of communication to ask member further questions before completing the transaction.

Digital Fraud

What's trending in digital fraud?

Have you heard of real-time payments also known as instant payments? Real-time payments are payments that are initiated and settled nearly instantaneously.  While Centris does not have this service currently, it is still something to become more knowledgeable about. With the adoption of real-time payments on the rise, the fraud landscape is shifting toward these faster payment methods versus asking for gift cards, money orders or other payment method. Scammers are always trying to find faster ways to get funds transferred to them from another account; real time payments can be a service for that if the individual isn’t aware of current scam tactics. Having services like this can lead an individual to ultimately still be out funds, since the individual initiated the payment, making it harder for the individual to dispute any claims for fraud.

From Other Financials

What other financial partners are sharing.

Centris members are not the only financial customers experiencing spoofing. Spoofing does target many, if not all, other customers at all different financials. Their goal is to get the individual to engage in the text message to harvest personal information and most often attempt to take over their online banking by getting the member to enter their username and password into a nonauthorized site. These most recent spoofing events are overloading call centers.

What to look for:

  • Member calls in and there has been a recent email or phone number change, that was not done by member.
  • Member calls in and states there was an online banking transfer that was not their activity.
  • Member is being impersonated, where the phone number calling in is not the phone number on file, and they are having a hard time getting through validation, or there are pauses after each verification question (like they are trying to get or find the answer).

If any there are any red flags present, be sure to ask the member additional questions to help protect them and their account. Keep the conversation light and try to understand their true need. If it appears they might be involved in a scam due to clicking the link in a spoof text, follow the below procedures and send a Member Protection Opportunity to SRM for further investigation.

Fraud and Identity Theft Procedures.docx (

From Law Enforcement

What law enforcement partners are sharing.

    The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office specifically wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone at Centris for their “bring it every day” attitude, “owning their roles” and helping take down a large fraud ring that impacted Centris and other financial institutions across the metro. Centris was one of many financials in the metro who were targeted last year for a specific check fraud ring. Individuals were being recruited by a “ringleader” to use their accounts at their established financials to cash fraudulent checks. The hope was that the financials would not require the checks to be deposited with a hold. These individuals would continue to cash checks at different locations hoping to get as much money as they could. The individuals were allowed to keep some of the funds, but most were sent to the ringleader. Centris retail staff did a good job continuously watching for this type of activity once emails were sent from SRM when Fraud Analysts identified the trend. Due to retail’s efforts, as well as the investigative work completed by SRM, evidence was gathered and provided to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. This ring was averaging about $80,000 a month in financial gains from their activity. This ring has been active for just over a year until just days ago, Douglas County Sherrif’s Office was able to arrest 15 suspects, including the ringleader.

    Fraud Fighters

    Who's saving our members/Centris from fraud.

      Shelly Powell – Accounting – Wire Fraud

      Myra Timmerman Minard – Contact Center – Member Impersonation

      Marco Vasquez – Contact Center – Member Impersonation

      Tony Garcia – Dodge – New Account Fraud

      Lexy Korb – Dodge – Wire Fraud

      Zas Castelan – Contact Center – Member Impersonation

      Melissa Fideler – Digital Branch – Loan Fraud

      Bridgette Wilhelm – Digital Branch – New Account Fraud

      Brittney Navarro – Accounting – Wire Fraud