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Get to know one of our employees that used a Centris personal loan to create a better financial future – Chyla Dyer. Because Chyla had often helped other Centris members better their financial future, she knew a personal loan could benefit her and her family – both in short-term and in the long run and across generations. Beginning with refinancing her car loan, Chyla realized she would save a considerable amount of money. That “surprise” led to her setting up a college savings account for her son. She wants to build a nest egg for his future, teach the principles of saving to him and make sure he will be able to make the most of his potential.

“Like all parents, I dream of a successful future for my son. So, when I refinanced my loan with Centris, I saved so much money, I decided to use that savings to fund my son’s college education.”

Chyla was empowered to take control of her financial future and to set and meet tomorrow’s goals. She knows that saving for future endeavors, whether it be for college, a major purchase such as a car or home, a vacation, or unexpected expenses is a wise financial step. Chyla’s personal experience with saving money through Centris enhances her drive and determination to help other Centris members achieve the same thing she did. Her experience using Centris means she truly believes in our mission of being the number one financial partner of our members.

Centris values Chyla’s genuine care for others and her dedication to serving members for years to come – not just for today. Her outgoing personality and desire to help people has made her an excellent employee. When she works with a member, she builds a relationship with them that will make them turn to her again and again. Chyla strives to help her Centris members open their eyes and see the benefits of saving and planning for the future. She feels good about helping others learn what she did, as well as helping them meet their financial goals. And she is dedicated to guiding members to enjoy the same benefits she has.

“Helping my community discover these opportunities is what makes my job so rewarding. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to make their dreams come true.”

Chyla and our other employees are there for you, too. See how you can benefit from any number of our personal loans and saving plans. When you’re thinking about building a better future for yourself and your family, turn to the people you’ll find at Centris, like Chyla, and experience the same enthusiasm from our employees that she has. We’ll be there to listen to and answer your questions and show you ways to begin saving, planning, and obtaining a better tomorrow. You’ll see that you have the potential to put the pieces together and meet your financial goals. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Meet with one of our caring employees and see what Together Growing Strong truly means.

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