Driving Relationships with Our Members and Building Financial Futures


Driving Relationships with Members

Kasha has had a long relationship with Centris, stretching back to her youth. She remembers going through the drive-through in the back seat as child, watching the tellers doing transactions and receiving candy from them. She was impressed, even at that young age, by the professionalism of the Centris tellers. All through her childhood, Centris was the only financial institution she had direct experience with.

At age 18, Kasha got her first car. And she turned to Centris to finance it. As a young adult, Kasha experienced excitement coupled with some nervousness about this defining life moment. She had taken a large step toward adulthood. While being thrilled with obtaining a brand new vehicle, she questioned whether she’d be able to handle the payments, and if she’d taken too big of a bite of responsibility. But the people at Centris made it easy for her to obtain the loan and also helped her to work out a budget to show her she could, in fact, handle the monthly payment.

She notes that one thing that makes Centris special is the relationships they foster with their members – one she’s experienced firsthand as a member. As Kasha has progressed through life and her vehicle needs have changed, Centris has been there for every vehicle she’s purchased. Kasha, from a member’s viewpoint, has felt like family when working with Centris. She was impressed with the personal care and attention given to her, the employees knowing her by name and the way they made her feel at ease whenever she came in.

“I’ve financed all my cars with my friends at Centris because their attention to detail and customer service are so amazing.”

The way Centris employees made her feel encouraged Kasha to work for Centris. As a long-time member, Kasha realized that with her personality and desire to help others, working at Centris would be a good fit. Her career began downtown – where her relationship with Centris began as a child. Now, after a decade and a half working for us, she reflects with pride the relationships she’s built with other members. Kasha values the tailored approach that Centris takes with their members. For Kasha, truly getting to know each member, their specific situation, their needs, and helping our members set and meet goals makes working for Centris rewarding.

Looking back, Kasha says she was taken care of by Centris and wanted to give back to other members. She knows that some people may come into Centris apprehensive. Perhaps it’s about their financial history or from a poor relationship from their previous financial institution. But Kasha puts a professional emphasis on putting them at ease and gaining their trust. What’s most important to her is building and maintaining member relationships. It’s something that she treasures about her job – cultivating a relationship with her individual Centris members and helping them thrive financially. In doing so, Kasha exemplifies Together Growing Strong.

“I decided that by working with them, I would have the opportunity to help people at my branch build a strong financial future the way Centris helped me.”

When it’s time for your next car loan, discover how easy Centris can make it for you.


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