Get Smart…Approved

May 12, 2016 | Auto Buying, Borrowing and Credit

Flat illustration. Approved documents, approved stamp, business papers. Signed agreement.

Rick Seamann, Centris assistant vice president of indirect lending, knows a thing a two about the car business after previously owning a dealership for 13 years. His knowledge and expertise come in handy for Centris members when they are ready to purchase a vehicle. While it’s convenient to let a dealership handle financing, it doesn’t always mean the customer is getting the best loan available. Get SMART approved for a loan at Centris first.

The average car buyer spends weeks and possibly months researching vehicles to find the right color, make/model and equipment. However, financing is often times an afterthought. Centris has a unique way of helping car buyers research vehicles through the AutoSMART portal. Shop local and national inventory, build a vehicle, request a vehicle quote and get pre-approved for a loan all from the comfort of your own home.

The traditional way of getting pre-approved for an auto loan required multiple trips back and forth between the financial institution and dealership. Centris has simplified the process through SMART Approval. After finding your perfect car on AutoSMART, fill out the loan application and get pre-approved with SMART Approval. Knowing the price of the vehicle you want to purchase from the dealership and the rate at which you qualify puts the power in your hands. You can even calculate the exact monthly payment with the finance calculator. The next step is going to the dealership for the first and last time with your approval in-hand. If the dealer knows you’re pre-approved and can purchase the vehicle right then and there, they will be more willing to negotiate. The more knowledge you have about the vehicle and the financing, the more money you’ll save.

Bring back the joy of buying a car with Centris!